April 4, 1997

"I am very pleased to report to you on the comments the department has received relating to the three tire balers supplied by you which are in full service in New Mexico... Everyone is extremely happy about how easy the machine is to operate and how safe it is... We are convinced the right decision had been made when we decided to do statewide baling... Thank you for a superior machine at a fabulous price. Everyone was amazed that it only took four to six hours to effectively and efficiently train the operators... We could not be more pleased with the balers and with the Company that produced them. We look forward to placing many more machines into operation in the very near future."
Darwin Pattengale,
Environmental Specialist
Tire recycling program
State of New Mexico Environment Department

November 22, 2004

"...Our machine is six years old now and we have put over 500,000 tires through the baler... Ed, I cannot say enough about your baler. We have used it in all kinds of weather conditions, we have used prison labor to operate it (who are not the easiest on machinery), and we have had no trouble with the baler... Chautauqua County cannot say thank you enough for building a quality product."
Ken Smith,
Deputy Director
Transportation Division
Chautauqua County, New York

November 22, 2004

"...We purchased our first tire baler in 1998, and our second tire baler in 2002. The first baler that we purchased is still running strong... During the 6 years that we have operated the Encore tire baler we have had to perform minimal repairs at a minimal cost... Going into our seventh year of production with our Encore balers, we have spent less than 1,000 dollars in maintenance and repairs. The baler that we purchased in 2002 has had no repair cost put into it..." "We do not use a hopper feeding system, we feel this is an added cost to our production, and also feel that it would slow down our production... Our average bale production with 2 laborers and 1 equipment operator is 36 bales in an 8 hour day... The average diesel fuel consumption per day is 7-8 gallons... The 46 HP Kubota diesel engine is a very fuel efficient engine. It is also very durable..." "Working with Ed and Nancy Drews for the past seven years has been a pleasure. I wish that all of my business and vendor relationships were like the one that Front Range Tire Recycle and Encore Systems has... Most manufacturers are only concerned about selling their equipment, and not concerned about creating and promoting a market for the finished product. Without Ed and Nancy's expertise and advice, we would not have the strong customer base that we have. Front Range Tire Recycle is extremely pleased with the performance of the Encore Systems tire baler, as well as the customer service that they provide."
Rick Welle,
General Manager
Front Range Tire Recycle, Inc.
Sedalia, CO

November 23, 2004

"We have been in business involving the use of equipment since 1974 and specifically in the waste tire processing business since 1990... We bought out first Encore tire baler in 1999 and purchased our second one in 2003. During that time, we have baled 3.02 million car and light truck tires with very little trouble from those balers. We often bale 5000 tires per day per baler... Because the engine in 46 HP, it doesn't have to strain at full operating capacity in order to do the job and therefore we use much less fuel... In addition, the wear on the engine is much less under those conditions than if a smaller under-powered engine would have been supplied..." "We have been extremely pleased with the choice of gear pump for the Encore (tire baler). This is the industry standard for heavy-duty application and in our experience, outlasts the piston and vane pumps that have been supplied with other pieces of equipment that we have owned. Having a hydraulic system cooling unit is a plus for the Encore tire baler..." "We prefer the Encore tire baler's hopperless system for the following reasons:
  1. There has to be some mechanical means of moving the tires to the baler anyway, so a hopper does not take the place of a payloader.
  2. The hopper still has to be filled mechanically with something like a payloader.
  3. Anytime that you fill a hopper with a payloader, you run the risk of the loader operator damaging the hopper.
  4. Tires will fall out of a hopper and will then have to hand loaded either into the hopper or back into the payloader.
  5. Tires can fall out of the hopper and injure the operator.
  6. With the Encore system, the payloader pushes the tires into a pile near the baler.
  7. The money savings by not using a hopper can be put towards a forklift to move the finished baler away from the baler."
"We have operated a variety of equipment for 30 years and have been extremely pleased with the high quality equipment and excellent service provided by Encore Systems. Their equipment is built to last with heavy-duty components and as a result is cheaper to operate and less of a hassle for me than any other equipment we own."
Twylia Sekavec,
Resource management Company, Inc.
Brownell, KS

August 21, 1996

"Since July of 1994, I have been familiar with the mobil waste tire balers constructed by Mr. Ed Drews of Encore Systems... The balers worked exceptionally well, had very little downtime, and were easy to move from site to site. Within minutes upon arrival at the site, the balers were operational and the balers mobility allowed them to keep the working area close to the tire piles." "Mr. Drews' representation of the equipment prior to the sale was consistent with our experience following the sale. Additionally, Mr. Drews has provided us with on-site training and continues with follow-up consulting on the use of the baler... He provided very good service after the sale and I would recommend him and the balers he builds for waste tire baling projects." "We prefer the Encore tire baler's hopperless system for the following reasons:
Bill Lord,
Program Coordinator
Northwest Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District
Harrison, Arkansas

November 10, 1997

"This letter is in regards to you both, your company and staff, and the great job and invaluable service you have provided to our company as well as the tire industry as a whole. The two balers we purchased this last summer have performed as you promised and have worked very well for our company and our operational plan. You are to be commended for the fine way you have represented the balers, the service you provide, and the efficiency with which you provide that service. Both balers have run non-stop since they were delivered with virtually no down time. To date, we have processed in excess of 500,000 tires. They are easy to operate and it is easy to train our employees in their use. We have had no accidents. They are extremely safe."
Vernie and Ann Houtchens,
Midway Tire Disposal/Recycling, Inc.

December 15, 2000

"Thank you once again for the excellent service and equipment IWMC has acquired from Encore Systems. We are very happy with the results of our tire baling project, having completed our backlog of over 600,000 scrap tires this fall."
Cleve Myers, CA,
Chief Executive Officer
Island Waste Management Corporation
Prince Edward Island, Canada

January 12, 2000

"In the fall of 1998, we purchased an Encore baler from Ed and Nancy Drews. We are very satisfied with the construction and the use it was intended for."
Sam Price,
Chief Executive Officer
Larry's Auto & Truck Parts, Inc.
Burlington, WA